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Exceptional Pair of Elegant 1920's German Porcelain Half Doll Lamp Bases
Exceptional Pair of Elegant 1920's German Porcelain Half Doll Lamp Bases Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 2559
Price: $365.00
Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
Available for immediate delivery
A PAIR! Yes, the opportunity to own an absolutely gorgeous and exceptionally well-preserved pair of porcelain china half doll lamp bases that date to the 1920's!

They are identical, and in excellent condition, each having a mark minor mark on the skirt and contact coloration to the jadeite fabric at the apex of the parasol. The seafoam green silk gowns have a very fresh look, yet are all original. They have no tears or holes or other damage - a marvel or miracle, considering the age of these dolls. The gowns are also appealingly fussy, embellished with ecru lace and ribbons. They were expertly handmade with luxurious tiers of pristine chiffon ruffles in a slightly deeper hue. Unusual and incredibly lovely tufted golden and pink braid trim encircles the circumference of the umbrellas, the bases and is woven throughout the gowns.

Absolutely gorgeous, these half doll sisters are marked "Germany" and are magnificently posed. Their porcelain faces were expertly hand-painted with delicate and expression filled features. Crossed arms exhibit a pretty pose that particularly emphasizes the fine detail in the fingers. The dramatic "shingle" hairdo, a symbol of 1920's independence of young women, is not frequently seen - another stellar attribute. Similarly, their outstanding height at 12" tall with 5" diameter parasols and bases, contributes to their rarity and beauty.