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Vintage Cloth Doll Bag Lady by Doll Artist, Virginia Black
Vintage Cloth Doll Bag Lady by Doll Artist, Virginia Black Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 2044
Price: $95.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
Available for immediate delivery
Bag Lady was made by the celebrated doll artist, Virginia Black, famous from the 1950s for her wonderful character dolls. Since each of Ms. Black's dolls was handmade, very few were ever created. Those that were are rarely found today. Their value as collectible dolls soared after Ms. Black's work went on national display in the Rosalie Whyle Museum of Doll Art's 1998 tour of Virginia Black's Whimsical Cloth Dolls. She is a spectacular character doll with a paper tag reading An Original by Virginia Black. On the back of the tag, the name Bag Lady is hand printed, and identified as BL-1, suggesting that this was the only doll of its kind ever created.

Further interesting is that our sweet Bag Lady has a Norwegian flair. In her pack she carries the Flag of Norway, and is warmly dressed in a wool coat with patches and a crocheted wool hat. Her attire is spotless and her cotton dress has a purposely made hole to make us believe in her status. There are many other items in the sack as well very comic in nature. It is hard to tell whether she intends to diet or bake, because there is both an exercise bar bell and a rolling pin. She has some fruit and a knife to cut it with and a hair brush to groom her blonde, soft straw hair. No cosmetics as far as we can see, perhaps left behind because her hand painted face is beautiful enough. She has at least two hammers. Let's hope she is headed to Habitat for Humanity as an international volunteer. The latter seems doubtful, however, because on top of the stash, she has a tennis racket and a book entitled, How To Get Rich.

She is approximately 12 inches tall and 6 inches wide, with a hard stuffed, cloth body in taupe, created with an eye to detail, such as stitched fingers and a matronly bosom. She wears serviceable, laced felt boots on her journey, and carries a second sack filled with ? more clothes perhaps. Her excellent, stockinet face defies adequate description. Just look at those eyes, nose and mouth. What an incredible feat for an artist to create those one of a kind features!