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Dagwood and Blondie and the Bumstead Family Paper Dolls
Dagwood and Blondie and the Bumstead Family Paper Dolls Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 3304
Price: $35.00
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
Available for immediate delivery
This is a very fun set of Dagwood, Blondie, Alexander and Cookie Bumstead paper dolls including the family dog, Daisy, dating back to the 1950's. All the pieces were once owned by Arlene Joy Amron. She etched her name into the magenta covered, cardboard stocking box that, no doubt, her mother gave her in order to save the dolls and all their costumes. They have remained inside for 50 years, and will come to you inside their nylon box, just like they've always been kept. The paper dolls of these famous comic strip characters and all the items of their wardrobes were played with and show it to varying extents. The paper dolls have creases or scotch tape. The clothing is generally in good to excellent condition, with a few fair mixed in. The fashions were cut from pages in which there were cartoons. Some of the cartoons and other remnants of the original sheets were kept in the hosiery box too, including the titles of the pages: "Fashion in the Sun; Dagwood is Off to the Office; Town Togs; For the Barbeque; Fashions for Blondie, and The Bumsteads Step Out."

As for Alexander's apparel, he has school clothes, a suit, overcoat, camp clothes, tennis outfit, summer play clothes, a baseball cap; and cowboy costume. Cookie has nine outfits - a Fall coat with hood; a red fur-trimmed winter coat and hat; a plaid jumper with hand mirror; sunhat and sundress in which she holds an ice cream cone; a Valentine's dress with hearts and flowers; a polka dot white and pink long gown; a green floral party dress; a yellow play dress in which she holds a dolly; and a pink party dress.

Blondie, the fashion maven, has a magenta city suit with mink stole and hat; summer barbeque wear with pedal pushers; shorts and top with monogram; a long green skirt with an off-the-shoulder blouse with hat; a yellow, red and blue paisley dress with hat and a shawl-collared matching jacket; sleeveless party dress also with a matching jacket and straw hat; fashionable gray "in town" dress with fuchsia elbow gloves; a pink formal gown with pearl bracelets and beaded purse and the formal strapless gown that we have photographed.

Dagwood's clothes, in our humble opinion, are the best. They include his classic checkered overcoat and hat; a suit with white dinner jacket; a plaid shirt and summer pants with straw hat; work suit with pencil and paper and outrageous 40's necktie; shirt and pants outfit in which he carries an old-fashioned telephone; handsome tuxedo; barbeque outfit with terrific apron; overcoat with a briefcase and hat; and his bathrobe and toothbrush.

More than 40 articles of clothing in addition to the paper dolls comprise the entire set. It is a very enticing acquisition for Dagwood and Blondie cartoon fans even if you're not into paper dolls. If you're a collector of vintage Bumstead memorabilia or paper dolls, these would look fabulous framed!!!